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A recruitment tool, content hub, and market positioning tool for an independent financial services provider specialising in bespoke solutions.
Carrick Wealth Website

Transforming a dense & dark site into a business tool


Information Overload

Investment information and solutions on the former Carrick Wealth site were written in long format and were dense and technical. There was no clear way to get started investing or planning with Carrick and users were scrolling through copious amounts of information, not always finding what they were looking for fast enough.

Unclear Positioning

On the old site, Carrick was not clearly positioned as specialists in offshore investing. As high-net worth individuals are the target market, this positioning was an essential part of the new site.

Barrier to Recruitment

Carrick is growing at a rapid rate, so employing exceptional advisors is important. Previously, there was no indication of working life at Carrick and there was no seamless way to apply to join the team.

Unclear Menu

The client login wasn’t in an obvious location on the former site. Company content and service offering information was blended together throughout the site, making it confusing for site users who were looking for information about specific problems, or for those wanting to get started with Carrick.

Client Location

Cape Town

Client Relationship

2019 - present


To address the challenges above, we designed and developed a fully custom site built using Wordpress and the React-based framework Gatsby. We consolidated site content by rewriting all site content to clearly communicate key information through smaller digestible chunks that have been organised intuitively. We implemented a dynamic recruitment hub that is integrated into the site at multiple levels using a direct application portal. To ensure optimal user experience, we also reorganised the site menu and content to optimise users’ time on the site and to define the market and brand positioning.


The backend of the site is built in Wordpress and sources data via GraphQL. A custom Wordpress plugin was developed to manage certain content sections on the site as well as deployment function which rebuilds the site to publish content changes.


The frontend was built using React-based framework Gatsby which utilises critical-only loading and prefetching to ensure the site is as fast as possible.



The Carrick Wealth administrator has access to the site’s custom content management system to update news, monthly investment data, employee info and upcoming events and webinars.

Potential Client

A high-net worth individual interested in becoming a Carrick Wealth client, looking for investment solutions, insights, and an easy way to get in touch with a Carrick Wealth Specialist.

Existing Client

An existing client could be looking for market updates, news from the global economy, or to join an upcoming event or webinar. They also might want to login to the client portal to view their portfolio updates.

Employee Candidate

External (current or aspiring) wealth advisors interested in applying to work at Carrick who want to get an idea of the culture and easily submit their job application.

Discovery & Impact

Segmenting Key Information

In initial workshops with Carrick stakeholders, we identified the five core client personas as five distinct reasons why people approach Carrick for investment advice. We designed the Get Started page as a concise and interactive survey that asks users to identify their needs and helps them succinctly understand the solutions and how to make initial contact. As some users approach Carrick with an idea of where they wanted to invest, we divided Carrick’s service offering across two main categories - Offshore Solutions and South African Wealth Solutions. These pages offered a bird’s eye view of the available solutions and categorized the South African solutions according to individual requirement. A clear and friendly call to action was incorporated into the footer of each site to offer a seamless way for potential customers to optimise their portfolio with Carrick.

Defining the Positioning

At first glance, the home page immediately conveys Carrick’s expertise through the header design which is used throughout the site to inform the main concepts quickly, and offer the opportunity to explore in more detail through the link at the bottom of the header. This dual categorisation of investment solutions mentioned above also helps position Carrick as offshore specialists by highlighting the benefits of investing offshore through data and defined benefits. The Offshore Solutions page also includes an interactive map to illustrate the global footprint as well as financial diversity and safety in jurisdiction.

Recruitment Hub

A simple application process was necessary to attract top talent, we developed a working recruitment tool by allowing candidates to submit their applications and contact details directly from the Apply to Join page. In addition, conveying the authentic and talented people that work at Carrick was crucial. We conceptualised impactful videos to bring the people and culture to life and included these throughout the site. The previous site only displayed photos and bio of upper management. Part of our discovery process included realising how impactful the culture of collaboration and teamwork are at Carrick. To demonstrate this, we wanted to pay tribute to every individual who works at Carrick and makes an impact. Employees were photographed and added to the People page, depicting a vibrant and professional team.

Clearly Organised Menu

Carrick clients regularly login to the custom client-facing software, Carrick Concierge, to access their latest portfolio updates. This was previously located as one of the main menu items. By renaming this clearly to ‘Client Login’ and moving it to the secondary menu bar, top right, clients are able to access the login page intuitively and faster.

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