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A lead generation portal, content hub, and content management system for Nigeria’s most fertile fertility clinic.
Bridge Clinic

From strategic brand identity to sales & growth strategy


Although Nigeria has one of the highest birth rates in the world, it has been estimated that 25% of couples are still unable to have children. Because of cultural stigma, infertility is not a widely-discussed topic despite tangible pressure to have children. This pressure, matched with a lack of openness about the topic, has created an illicit marketplace for fertility-related services.

Bridge Clinic was created in 1999 to offer fertility care of unrivalled quality and access to accurate information without judgement. Flance was brought on as a strategic consulting and creative partner in 2012 to communicate and implement this vision to Nigerians.

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After market research indicated the need for a corporate identity update, we designed and implemented a new brand identity across all printed, digital, and in-clinic touchpoints. A digital marketing strategy was implemented across Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to create openness around the fertility conversation and to promote openness and questions around specific fertility services and products.

We designed and developed Bridge Clinic’s new website to reflect their transparency by including a large fertility and health content library, organised simply and optimised for mobile. The main objective of the site was to create a seamless lead navigation portal, increasing conversations, appointments, and conversions.


The core of the backend is based on a custom content management system, developed by Flance. Written in PHP and MySQL, it uses a custom CRUD-based architecture.

The site makes use of client-side JavaScript to create a fluid and highly responsive user experience. Bootstrap 3 (an HTML, CSS and JS framework) was used as a base for the interface. The backend has custom integrations with external REST APIs from 3rd party services such as their CRM and payment gateway.


The frontend was built from scratch in PHP and MySQL using version 4 of Bootstrap with a completely custom theme. Content on the website is managed by the client via the custom content management system.

Both the backend and the frontend are run on a virtual private server hosted with an industry leading cloud service provider in a secure datacenter. The server is linux based and was fully configured and optimised by us to ensure smooth operation of the system. The server is protected by a cloud firewall and a fail2ban system to blacklist brute force and hacking attempts.


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The Bridge Clinic administrator has access to the website content management system, front of house like new leads, appointments, and data management.


An individual or couple looking for information, pricing or reassurance about their fertility journey can access content, chat anonymously, and book an appointment.

Site Features

InfusionSoft Integration

It was crucial to implement a seamless lead generation portal, using third party integration with InfusionSoft to manage the customer journey from first request to first appointment. The integrated Infusionsoft dashboard also allows for marketing automation and lead capturing, meaning Bridge Clinic’s administrative and sales team has integrated access in one place.

Appointment Booking

To remove as many barriers as possible, we wanted to make sure that clients could easily and quickly book appointments online. Placement of the booking form on the homepage and throughout many pages on the site means that clients don’t have to go through an extensive or intimidating form-filling process. New appointment requests are received instantly on the back end so the appointment can be confirmed, scheduled, and assigned.

New Patient Enquiries

We developed multiple ways for new patients to enquire about Bridge Clinic’s services including a ‘Call Me Back’ request form, a custom online chat, and easy access to WhatsApp and Service Centre details. All new patient enquiries are then captured in the site’s sales funnel.

Online Payment Integration

Custom modules were built to allow extensive management of patient appointment details and online payments, letting administrators track and update all online payments.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

In addition to extensive management of patient appointment details, online payments, leads, content and advertisement management, the CMS allows administrators to create new backend users and grant access to specific modules or functions while limited accessibility to certain sections of the backend.

Content Hub

An extensive library of fertility and health information was migrated from the old Bridge Clinic website and organised by category and relevance. The most relevant content is updated regularly and featured on the home page, managed through the CMS. This large resource pool provides information to and insights to patients about sensitive health and fertility matters.

User Experience

Professionalism and quality are paramount to Bridge Clinic’s customer service promise, but fertility procedures can be sensitive, daunting, and stressful for patients. We solved this challenge by developing clearly defined services and transparent process and price information.

Transparent Fees

Transparent Fees

Clear appointment details and price information empowers clients from the start. Easy booking and live chat streamline the booking process.

Defined Services

Defined Services

Services are grouped into broad categories with brief descriptors, helping clients understand and begin their fertility journey.

Accessible Information

Accessible Information

Clients can learn about common fertility issues and treatment options without fear or stigma.

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing strategy has been an iterative process over the years. We have adapted and adjusted constantly, making provision for Bridge Clinic’s evolving service offering and positioning, the changing client landscape, as well as digital trends. We implemented an integrated content strategy, relying heavily on internal participation, community engagement, video and customer journeys. The strategy actively seeks and creates new clients through the means of education and portals, directly and indirectly promoting Bridge Clinic’s services. This inbound content-driven strategy means that the client has the ability to directly engage with professionals and with each other through various digital channels.

Community Growth

A Facebook support group was created to foster a community around the struggles and successes of having children. This has contributed to building a more inclusive audience, and creating conversations around certain traditionally stigmatised topics.

Doctors’ Expertise

A panel of doctors was selected to be the online public face of Bridge Clinic and help foster engagement in a Facebook group where patients can speak to real doctors. Giving patients the ability to ask questions and receive feedback in real time about fertility-related and health-related issues has created an ecosystem that feeds the businesses and brand’s offerings.

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Brand Identity

We worked closely with stakeholders at Bridge Clinic to develop, design and maintain a reliable and technologically advanced healthcare brand that is known for its cost-effectiveness and quality, and excellent customer service and successful track record.

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